ED&F Man Capital

ED&F Man Group

ED&F Man was established by James Man in 1783 as a sugar brokerage and barrel maker and within a year of starting he had secured an exclusive contract to supply rum to the Royal Navy. The firm continued its expansion with his grandsons, Edward Desborough & Frederick, trading sugar, coffee, cocoa and a variety of other commodities.

Now, 230 years later, the employees of the same company founded by James Man still trade actively in sugar, coffee and molasses. We remain largely employee-owned with operations around the world. We are a truly multicultural and diverse company that aims to encourage initiative and entrepreneurial talent. Recognising ED&F Man’s global footprint, the publicly listed food group, Südzucker Holding GmbH, acquired a 24.99% ownership stake in 2012 for $255 million.

Key Facts:

Group Revenue (FY14): $8.157bn
Shareholder Equity (FY14): $910m
EBIT (FY14): $110m
Employees: 3859
Global Operations: 60+ countries